Our holistic approach to accounting

We are more than just an Accounting firm.

We are a Holistic Accounting Firm, providing a wide range of services to suit your needs which are lifestyle, cash flow and tax effective.

The Services we offer:


1.       Accounting & Compliance Services 

We can help you with your accounting requirements and provide our clients with a range of services including:

  • Financial Statements, Tax Returns, Business Activity Statements (BAS’s).

  • Providing simple to use Checklists to help you put together the information we need to prepare your financial reports.

  • Our plain English letters help to clearly communicate to you your business obligations and taxation responsibilities.


2.       Advanced Tax Planning 

  • Companies used to “cap” your tax at a maximum 30%.

  • “Double” tax deductions for notebook computers, mobile phones / PDA’s, and briefcases (one of each per year).

  • Tax-effective Home Loans and Debt Recycling Plans (reducing your non tax deductible debt while at the same time maximising the interest you can claim on your tax return).


4.       Self Managed Super  

A self-managed Superfund gives you total control over how your Super is invested.

With the added benefit of now being able to borrow through a Self Managed Superfund (SMSF), more people are turning to this as another investment strategy.

We can help you to maximise the benefits of running a SMSF, including how to minimise tax in your retirement.


5.       Property Investment 

If you are interested in Investing in Property and an unsure of your options and the best solution for your financial situation, we can help.  

Forest Accounting anf Taxation Services have partnered with Pacific East Coast Property Group (PEC). PEC works with Forest Accounting and Taxation Services to provide clients with a well-researched investment. PEC offer many advantage to our clients including:

  • Their properties have been recommended on their financial merit for over 35 years.

  • Their low pressure approach is based on accounting heritage rather than a Real Estate one.

  • They do all the homework on properties for you, their offering must have advantages in terms of location, quality, access, functionality, rent ability and attractive to re-sell not only to other investors but the much wider owner occupier market.

  • With officers around Australia they offer access to a number of markets.

6.    Asset Protection  

Planning to provide and protect for your family is a key initiative many people do not adaquately plan for.  We can help you with:

  • Family Trusts used as asset protection vehicles.

  • Estate Planning, including establishing your Wills and Powers of Attorney.


7.       Motor Vehicle & Asset Leasing  

If you’re looking at purchasing a new Motor Vehicle, we can help source and finance your next new or used vehicle to make sure that your loan is both tax and cash flow effective.

Our FInance officer Anna has extensive experience helping clients plan and obtain finance.  Contact us today to speak with Anna about an obligation free quote.


8.       Business Profit Improvement 

Forest Accounting and Taxation Services can work closely with you and your business to provide you with: 

  • Strategies and tools to increase your business profits and cash flow.

  • Business Valuations for Succession Plans and Insurance purposes.

  • Cash Flow Forecasts and Strategic Plans.

  • Systems and procedures (so that your business can run without you).


9.       Estate Planning 

Many people feel that Estate Planning is for the elderly and or the rich or is not something they want to discuss because it focuses on death, however no-one knows what the future holds and so it is important that everyone has a plan.

Estate planning is the process of controlling your assets during your life and after your death

A good Estate plan should focus on providing you with enough income on which to live, ensuring that your assets will go to the people you intend them to and to help minimise any estate tax payable, fees or associated court costs after you pass.

Contact us today about getting your Estate Plan in order.


10.   Audit Insurance

In the past couple of years and with the upgrade of a new computer tracking and data matching software; ATO Audits have been on the increase.

Even though you have been doing the right thing and have all your records, Tax Audits can be expensive and very time costly.

Our Audit Shield Service provides cover for tax audits so we bill the insurer not you.

Ask us how you can protect yourself today!