Planning for...

What are you planning for?  What kinds of financial decisions and plans do you need to put in place now to help you in the upcoming years?  What is your “financial roadmap”?

The key to any financial plan being isuccessfully implemented are the following steps:

  • Planning.  What are your goals for both your family and your business?  What upcoming life events or changes do you see as needing planning?

  • Preparing.  What support services or products are relevant to your planning?  Do you need Life insurance?  What options in terms of leasing can assist your business cash-flow? What entity services should you consider (e.g. Trusts) to differentiate your business from your personal finances?

  • Implementing.  Have you considered taxation implications of your investments?  What is the best way to increase your Superannation while minimising impact on your current financials obligations?

  • Reviewing.  How often are you reviewing your financial situation and how you are tracking on your financial roadmap.

At every key life stage Forest Accounting and Taxation Services can assist you. We know what investment decisions and solutions are best suited to your stage in life, and how to best plan to achieve your financial goals.  We can also help with investment and insurance recommendations to ensure your financial worth is protected in the case of illness or accident. 

The Forest Accounting and Taxation advantage is our range of expertise; from business start-ups to retiring couples we can assist.

See how we can help you and your lifestage from the list below.

Starting out

When you are new to the workforce or are starting to plan your first big (and serious) investment, you want to make sure that you are making the best decision that support your current circumstances and will help you achieve sm...

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Wealth Accumulation

Focussing on more clearly defined goals is one of the key features of being in the “wealth accumulation” phase of your life.

During this stage you will be looking to support your financial ...

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Focussing on the “finish line” of retirement can be daunting and worrying to those approaching it.

Have you got enough superannuation? How can I best manage my Superannuation? What about...

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Reaping the rewards of your hard work and financial planning during your career can offer Retirees a stress-free time in life. But in retirement it is now more important than ever to be aware of your investments and how they w...

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